Marmoset Monkeys & Cotton Top Tamarins


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Our Ebook  The Little Book of Marmoset and Tamarin Care

We are a small family breeder based in Southwest Florida and we are licensed by Florida Fish and Wildlife and USDA.  We breed Marmoset and Cotton Top Tamarins, some of the smallest monkeys in the world weighing under 1 pound when adult. These little guys come from the Atlantic Coastal Forest of Brazil and Columbia , and are known as New World Monkeys.

They are playful, clean, they love human company and they make great companions but they are a serious commitment 24/7.. They  can not be left alone for long,  require exposure to sunlight,  have specific dietary requirements and need lots of stimulus. They are social animals and need to interact with you most of the time so please make sure you understand the level of commitment required.

If you can supply the time and care to these little guys you will have a wonderful playful caring companion.

You will require a State license to keep a monkey and many states prohibit this so please do your research..  Contact your state fish and wildlife department, local police department and county administration to ensure you comply with each of their requirements.

kimsigemail: kimberlygunn34@gmail.com

We are licensed and permitted with;

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
United States Department of Agriculture
Charlotte County Florida


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