Some people buy a pair of monkeys and think “how cool I can breed them and sell the offspring”……..BUT

Breeding Monkeys

Firstly, its not easy to find pairs who will mate,  it is just as likely that you will have to separate two monkeys who are trying to kill each other as two who want to make babies..  If they decide they are not for each other they will fight and it can get very vicious.. Leaving them together does not work, it will not improve and you are endangering them..

Secondly …

If you want to breed, sell, exhibit or broker monkeys you need a USDA license. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) regulate this..

You will also need a license from your State and you will likely also need permission from your city or county.

Only a USDA licensed breeder can sell you the  animal legally and there are very strict fines for unlicensed activity so please be aware..

Licensing and regulations are important in order to protect the welfare of animals. All licensed breeders are subject to maintain standards of health and welfare for the animals, are required to have proper veterinary care established, keep strict records and are subject to inspections.  So by supporting licensed breeders you are supporting animal welfare..

We are licensed and permitted with;

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
United States Department of Agriculture
Charlotte County Florida