Buying a Marmoset

If you are interested in a baby Marmoset or Cotton Top Tamarin ( We cannot sell Cotton Top Tamarins outside of the State of Florida ) please contact us by email and we will take your details and contact you when we have babies born.

At that point if you would like one we require a deposit. We will only sell to States we know allow owning primates and will require proof of a license before selling you the monkey.

Visiting US

We are a small breeder working from home.  Our animals are our family and we are not geared up for customer visits which would disrupt the home and disturb our monkeys.  We are zoned to breed our monkeys from our home but not for the home to function as a retail outlet.

For all of these reasons our sales are managed via phone and email.

You can see video of our facilities and monkeys on this site and with more frequent updates on our facebook site so this shows you how we work and what our little family are like. We will keep updating these.

Getting your primate license

In the State of Florida we can help you with your paperwork and submission to get your license.

Shipping  Monkeys

We do not ship monkeys but we can recommend specialist primate transporters who are USDA licensed and will transport a baby with all the care and attention it needs.

Collecting your monkey

We do not accept visits to our home for reasons mentioned above.
We can meet you in the local area, just off the interstate or close to the airport for you to collect your monkey. You will need a small  carrier.  We will explain all you need to know, answer questions and provide you with an information sheet.  Once you get  your monkey home you aren’t alone, we will answer questions and support you while you get used to being an owner. This is something you often don’t get with a large breeder.

You will require a state license to transport a primate..

Other Breeders

Please don’t ask us about other breeders, we won’t comment.

Re homing a Monkey

Please don’t ask us about giving you a monkey that has been surrendered by their owner.  We keep them here and rehabilitate them which is not an easy task and we do not pass them on, they stay with us for life.  It can be a long and very difficult task to rehabilitate them as they have already become emotionally attached to their owner and often need a lot of care and attention over a long period of time and to be around other monkeys.. not just one.  You can not in any way guarantee that if you got a re-homed monkey it would get on with yours so thats creating a huge risk to the monkeys happiness and wellbeing after its already been through trauma.  Adult monkeys are not like babies, they don’t adapt nearly as well.. Once we are at our limit of monkeys we will only send people to facilities who have experience of re-homing and rehabilitating monkeys.

Other Information

Please contact us for other information – via email at or via facebook message