Marmoset Food Staples

Marmoset Powdered Diet
Marmoset Canned Food
Corn on the cob
Cooked oatmeal
Scrambled eggs/hard boiled eggs
Raw peanuts
Cooked yams/cooked sweet potatoes
Chopped broccoli
Cooked pasta (we use a whole wheat pasta)
Chopped carrots
Cheese (variety)
Cooked shrimp
Cooked chicken
Cole slaw mix dry with no mayo
Fruit rings
Raw string beans
Cottage cheese
Artificial crab
Cooked kale
Brown rice/ Quinoa
Sunflower seeds
Monkey biscuits
Granola type cereal (dry and only a little)
Nuts/Dates/Dried fruit
Beans of all type
Mac and cheese
Cooked fish
Whole wheat bread
Watermelon (take seeds out)
Seedless Grapes but only a little–causes diarrhea
Mixed fruit Gumivore-Fare which is a Acacia Gum based food (mine love this)
Pretzel (we give a gluten free type)
Marshmallows as treats



The monkeys can easily get metabolic problems such as diabetes and they are much more susceptible to it than humans.. When problems start, unlike humans they often can’t recover. We know of far too many monkeys dying from kidney failure due to this.. monkeys that the owner didn’t perceive as too overweight. Everyone we know has fallen for the “I just wanted to give them a treat, and it didn’t seem like much” trap and had to learn this lesson.. In an adult monkey – the size of their boobs ( under the arms ) can be a good indication of excess weight.

As a rule, stick to a vegetable diet with marmoset mix, canned or dried.. Some fruit ( small amount ) but vary it and only feed high carb foods like banana periodically. Avoid canned food with syrup and added sugars. Do not treat them with sugary treats, this is often where the problems start.. Overall quantity of food is important. We can advise you on diet.

Baby Monkeys

Feeding Schedule For Your New Baby

From 8 up to 12 weeks of age……you will give approximately 5cc of formula every 5 hours during the day and one night feeding (early morning around 2-3 am).  The 5 cc syringe will increase up to 10 cc as your baby gets older from 8 weeks to the full 12 weeks.  All depends on what your baby will take.  If they don’t want anymore than the 5 cc  don’t increase till they seem hungry and want more than the 5 cc.

13 weeks of age… will give according to what your baby is wanting but up to the 10 cc.  You will now be feeding your baby every 6 hours and it’s at this time you can stop the early morning feeds.  Your last feed for the night should be around 10:00 – 11:00 pm. Starting your morning feed from 6:00 -7:00 am.

When you pick up your baby you need to provide a water bottle in their cage because they will be using it at this age.  At 8 to 10 weeks you will start offering mashed banana, very small bits of apple and cooked mashed sweet potato all in a shallow bowl in their cage to get them use to eating solid foods.  You can wean your baby between 3-4 months of age but I prefer to still give a bottle in the morning and one at night to my companion just to let him know I’m still the mommy.  This seems to keep them more tame and loving towards you, that’s why I do it.

Keeping Them On The Bottle

Now I’ll go into more detail about my baby Einstein and my choice of keeping him on his bottle.  By keeping him on his bottle helps at keeping  him more attached to me and more like a baby.  Before his nightly feeding he give me such love, he’ll literally hug and kiss on me for about 45 minutes and of course I love and kiss on him too.   This happens every single evening and I just love it!

By making this decision to keep him on his bottle I had to take into consideration how much sugar he was getting from each bottle feed and go about changing his formula so he doesn’t keep getting so much sugar in his diet.  These little guys can get diabetes just like us so it’s best to limit their intake of sugar.  I’ve now got him on almond milk which contains no sugar and I blend ¼ of a banana into that.  I’ve also cut the baby formula down to ½ scoop limiting his iron intake and I still use the baby rice cereal to thicken it up.  The baby rice cereal is low in sugar.  I’ve also cut down the amount I give him,  he’s only getting 7 cc at this point in time and I’ll continue to cut that back till he only gets 5 cc for breakfast and dinner feeds.  If in time, I see he needs other changes to his formula I’ll make those changes but at this point he’s loving his bottle feeds and eating most of his solid food, so I’m happy!

Making baby Formula


Formula Mix

2 oz. of bottled water
2 oz. goats milk
1 to 2 scoops of powdered infant formula **Use Low Iron – Similac PM 60/40. ( ** There is concern that regular baby formula is too high in Iron for Marmosets )

½ container of banana baby food. *As they get older you can change to 2nd food

Thicken this mix with Gerber Rice Cereal.

You can keep this formula in an airtight plastic container in the fridge for 3 days..

Some babies don’t take the to the food as well as others.. in some cases we have blended a banana and added it to the mix

Sterilizing the Syringe

Separate the syringe body and plunger and put them in a cup of water and microwave until the water is hot – to disinfect. ( we usually do this after every feed then keep the syringe covered in a clean dry place )

Warming the Feed

Microwave a cup of drinking water until warm but not scalding.

Fill the syringe with the formula and place it into the cup of warm water to warm the feed. Remember that the water is heating the outside of the syringe more than the middle so take the syring out of the water and move it around between immersions in the water, and take your time to make sure it warms evenly.

Continually test the temperature of the feed by putting a small drop on your wrist until it’s at body temperature.


Don’t push the tip of the syringe at the animal, let them find it.. Feed the animal slowly and gently, pushing on the syringe very carefully and always watching their reaction.. too much pressure can make them choke so be very careful.

Throw out any uneaten formula left in the syringe after feeding.

Throw out formula mix every 3 days and remix.