1. Baby Cage Bird cage for the baby’s first weeks
2. Large Cage ( see minimum specifications below – these apply to Florida, please check out your State laws, but please do go MUCH bigger if you can )
3. Mercury Vapor Lamp – Monkeys need sunlight to avoid Metabolic Bone Disease ( buy from us here )
4. Baby blankets. The early weeks your baby must be kept warm
5. Heating pad
6. Plush Stuffed Animal for baby to snuggle. They cling to this in place of the Mother, its very essential
7. Toys for stimulation – monkeys need lots of toys
8. Infant Formula ( Low Iron – Similac PM 60/40.  Regular baby formula is too high in Iron )
9. Gerber Dry Cereal (Rice)
10. Baby Food (Banana)
11. Goats Milk
12. Feeding syringe (look in baby section of Wal-Mart)
13. Water Bottle (for cage)
14. Small Feeding Bowl
15. Small plastic container with lid
16. Hand Sanitizer – used every time before handling the baby

Florida Specifications for cage sizes

Specifications for cages according to Florida Fish & Wildlife Rule 68A-6.004 Standard Caging Requirements for Captive Wildlife.

( Please remember these are a minimum ! We want you to give your animals the best life they can have so please do your best to exceed these specifications )

Extract from Rule 68A-6.oo4

Tamarins and Marmosets.

a. For one or two animals, a cage 3 feet by 3 feet, 4 feet high. For each additional animal, increase cage size by 25 percent of original floor area.

b. Each cage shall have perching area(s) and nest box(es) that will accommodate all animal(s) in the enclosure simultaneously. Each cage shall also include climbing apparatus.

Additional cage or enclosure requirements for primates: In addition to requirements of this section, each cage or enclosure shall have an accessible device to provide physical stimulation or manipulation compatible with the species. Such device shall be noninjurious, and may include, but is not limited to, boxes, balls, mirrors or foraging items.