Marmoset rescue and re-homing

Subject to a limit on numbers we can house; we are happy to take in marmosets who need a new home and we will look after them for the rest of their natural lives.  We have large cages and plenty of toys and playthings and we spend time with each monkey each and every day…

Whoever you got your monkey from we want you to call us if it needs a home.. even if you feel guilty or embarrassed, we understand that sometimes the pressures of life mean we can no longer give them the attention they deserve, so we wont judge you we just want to do the best for the animal so please contact us..

Please do not give your monkey away as a pet to another person as they bond with the initial owner and do not relocate well at all  –  They are very sensitive and very social and do not relocate well, often getting aggressive or sick.. many don’t make it.

A monkey needs to be taken in by a facility with  resources and experience and other monkeys for the animal to be around and gradually adjust ..and this process can take up to a year. If we take in an animal it stays with us and our monkeys forever.. If we are at capacity and can’t take it in, we know other people who own these facilities, have extensive experience,  and will re-home and keep the monkey forever – we can contact them for you.

Please do not contact us to ask if we can give you a monkey to re-home.


or call 941 204 1685
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