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MERCURY VAPOR LAMP with 125 watt Solar Glo bulb
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Mercury vapor lamps are vital to supplement or replace sunlight for the animal to have optimal vitamin D3 absorbtion and avoid Metabolic Bone Disease.


mercury vapor lamp

The bulb is a 125 watt SOLAR GLO self ballasted mercury vapor lamp that simulates sunlight.

It provides the proper balance of ultraviolet light ( including UVA and UVB ), visual light and heat. The Solar Glo bulb is a full spectrum light with

carefully tuned peaks to ensure maximum calcium absorbtion through vitamin D3 absobtion.

The lamps come with a spring fixing to clamp to different surfaces ( picture left ) as well as a bulb guard that we reshape to use to fix the lamp securely to the top of a cage with tie-wrap fixings which we supply as part of the kit..

mercury vapor lamp

  • Please note that mercury vapor lamps are delicate and need to handled carefully. Always allow the lamp to cool before moving it. In the event of a power supply interruption the lamp may not start for a while. Lamps may cut out for a while if getting too warm – this is a normal. We can not offer returns on this product.

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