Our monkeys are our family-  our babies, and we want them to have the best lives they can.. so we designed habitats that they enjoy. Many of the things you’ll see here have been designed by the monkeys.. a trial and error process to find what they like and leave out what they don’t.

Each unit has 2 habitats – each habitat is 5ft 6in x 4ft x 6ft – giving 132 cubic feet of space per pair of monkeys.   The height allows us to go in and play with them  – which we do as much as possible.


image003  image004

Each habitat has a central column like a tree, with perches and little shelves..  Around the outside of each habitat are a variety of shelves, tunnels ( they LOVE the tunnels, ideal for playing chase and hiding ) – also ladders.


We have designed the shelves, ladders and tunnels to connect all levels from the very bottom of the habitat to the nesting box at the top so they can chase around and climb the full height of their home.  Because these are around the edge of the space it leaves plenty of space for big jumps, all of which make for fit healthy monkeys..  And we also have a swing !


As well as a wooden nesting box they have a variety of hanging hammocks and shelters…


Mirrors are an essential for every self respecting monkey to check they look their best ! And we make sure their favorite toys are there to be clambered all over, beaten up and snuggled, as the mood requires.


What we call the Sky Box is a major success with them all..


As well as a box  with plenty of compartments to play chase through..
All the wood is treated with food safe treatments to make it waterproof and mold resistant but also completely safe to chew on..


Last but never least, the ball tray.. The very best place to rummage around, play with the balls, forage for nuts and use as part of the route for the games of chase…


Temperature control is from temperature sensors built in the habitats – these run fans, misters and warm air heaters in the winter, to make sure we have comfy monkeys..